Doc Beebe Makes it to the Semis

A week of new appearances and emotions for all ended up with a semi final showing at the 60th Annual Bakersfield March Meet. Beebe will be headed back to the race shop to get the car ready for the next Heritage Series event at Sacramento Raceway in April.

The week began with the first qualifier on Thursday.  The run was made in optimal conditions and was therefore, just a bit too quick for the field running an 8.582 on an 8.60 dial-in.  Once Friday rolled around and the rain swept past, perfect conditions were again met and the second qualifier took place in the afternoon.  This time Doc piloted the ride to a nice 8.610 seconds putting him in the 3rd spot behind the eventual race winner and runner up, with runs of 8.603 and 8.600 respectively.

Rain held up the racing on Saturday and most of Sunday, but a first round single due to a broke competitor allowed the team to test the track and see where the car would be at with the great air.  The pass was clocked at an 8.47 while lifting after 1000'.  The cold track temperatures and weather delays postponed the rest of the finals to Monday, and this is where the race would be completed.  

The early morning air was optimal for racing and Doc went into round three with an 8.637 pass.  Round 3 saw the green-striped car pedal it out to a double breakout win running an 8.527 to George Chatterton III's 8.495.  Finally, Beebe ended his long rain-delayed race weekend with a double breakout loss in the fourth round running an 8.544 to his opponent's 8.599.

Michael Beebe Racing Partners with 360 Wraps to Pay Tribute to Beebe & Mulligan

Porterville, CA (February 21st) - The MB Racing Team and 360 Wraps, one of the nation's best wrap companies, announced the design for a tribute to legendary tuner Tim Beebe and the late, great, John Mulligan for the current 2018 racing season.  The design of the car mimics the 1968 Top Fuel dragster that terrorized tracks and set E.T. and M.P.H. records accross the nation.  

In the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series, the car will be debuted at the 60th Annual March Meet in Bakersfield.  This partnership means that Doc Beebe will be able to display the tribute car throughout the Western United States at various race tracks and events.  The team at 360 Wraps were more than supportive when asked to design a special part of drag racing history.  Both hall of famers, Tim Beebe and John Mulligan did great things in the sport of drag racing that has allowed Doc Beebe the opportunities he has in racing today.

It was a special moment for the unvieling of the design after a lot of hard work and effort were put forth.  "I was very excited to create this partnership with this awesome team at 360 Wraps," said Beebe. "It was a shock and awe experience when I laid eyes on the finished project. It left me speechless. I will definitely work extra hard this year to pay back those that have supported this effort."